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Jorge is a performance coach and fitness trainer based out of Los Angeles, California. Jorge believes in a broad spectrum of fitness and practices a wide variety of methods from strength and conditioning modalities and Kettlebell work to Muay Thai and Animal Flow. He values a high-performance lifestyle to inspire and help those around him. Jorge brings to the table a new generation of training. He wants to bring out the best to those who live a fitness-driven lifestyle. Using evidence-based programming and science backed methods, Jorge creates innovative workouts and inspires his clients to own everything and make their health a priority. He uses a 4 pillar outlook on health and wellness and takes into account your movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset for his clients to become the best versions of themselves. To give his clients the best experience, Jorge is constantly up to date with ongoing research and education with human performance and fitness. Your best self is important to him and his clients who want to discover that together. Tame Impala favorite artist to workout to Naples, FLORIDA HOMETOWN

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